Daily „Rzeczpospolita” and its publisher Presspublica

Presspublica is the publisher of the nation-wide daily „Rzeczpospolita”, published in the whole area of Poland six days a week. In the opinion of Poles, „Rzeczpospolita” is a prestigious daily, the most reliable source of information, opinion-generating newspaper. Thanks to expanded business sections, it is also considered as a leader in the market of legal and economic information. The publisher of „Rzeczpospolita”, „Presspublica”, was registered in February 1991 as a Polish and French limited liability company established by Państwowe Przedsiębiorstwo Wydawnicze Rzeczpospolita and the press group of Robert Hersant „Presse Participations Europennes”.

Since July 1996, Presspublika’s owners have been:
- Presspublica Holding Norway having 51% share (whose 100% shareholder is the Norwegian concern of Orkla Media) and
- Państwowe Przedsiębiorstwo Wydawnicze Rzeczpospolita with 49% share.

Orkla Media

The history of the concern of Orkla Press, whose 100% share is held by Orkla Media, in Poland started in 1989. Today, the concern is the owner of the biggest group of newspaper publishers in Poland, associating 12 regional dailies, one weekly and the opinion-generating and independent nation-wide daily „Rzeczpospolita”. The total sold edition of these newspapers constitutes 23% of the editions of all newspapers in Poland. Otherwise speaking, every fourth copy of a newspaper bought by a Polish reader is published by the Norwegian concern of Orkla Press.

In Norway Orkla Media is the second biggest private media group holding majority shares in 28 dailies, and minority shares in two others. Together with Egmont, the Dutch company, it is the owner of the biggest company in Norway publishing magazines.


Since its registration till March 1996, the president of the management board of Presspublica was Dariusz Fikus, playing, at the same time, the role of the chief editor of „Rzeczpospolita”. After his death in 1996, the position of the chief editor was taken by Piotr Aleksandrowicz, and Jan Lindh became the president of Presspublica. Since January 15, 1999, the president of the company has been Grzegorz Gauden. The other members of the management board are: Elżbieta Ponikło, Vice-president, Piotr Frątczak, Vice-president, Piotr Płuciennik, Vice-president.

Presspublica is also the owner of a modern press printing house in Koninek near Poznań and a co-owner of a press printing house in Raszyn near Warsaw.


The present shape and layout of „Rzeczpospolita” is connected with the registration date of Presspublica. This is in 1991 that the existing division of the newspaper in the following three basic sections was established:
- general information, review of news from Poland and the world concerning the most important political, social, cultural and sports events;
- economic section (Ekonomia i Rynek), published on green pages, wide review of economic information from Poland and the world, and
- legal section (Prawo co Dnia), published on yellow pages, considered as the most important Polish source of information about the binding legal regulations and amendments thereto.
Apart from the said daily sections, „Rzeczpospolita” enriches them with various thematical supplements. These are both permanent supplements published once or twice a week (Moja Kariera, Moje Podróże, Nieruchomości-Budownictwo, Moje Auto, Moje Pieniądze, Dobra Firma, Vademecum Rzeczpospolitej, Tele), as well as occasional supplements. The latter ones include various types of rankings and sectoral information highly appreciated by the readers.

Every year, „Rzeczpospolita” publishes several important rankings, which allow to evaluate the quality of companies, municipal self-governments, schools and hospitals. A high position in each of the rankings is a reason for pride and prestige for a company or an institution.

Since 1991, reacting to changing needs of its readers, „Rzeczpospolita” has introduced many changes concerning its graphical layout, number and subjects of various supplements, as well as issues discussed therein. However, its main principle of independence and reliability of information published has not changed. „Rzeczpospolita” is highly appreciated by its readers for the above advantages. 250 journalists take care of current and objective information and maintenance of a high editorial level of „Rzeczpospolita”.

We try to provide as much of it as possible in a legible form, but without any simplifications. We want our information selected from a large stream for the Readers to be complete and objective. „Rzeczpospolita” is a nation-wide newspaper, which means that it may be bought all over Poland on the same day almost with the same content of subjects (three editions of the newspaper leaving the printing house from 8.00 p.m. till late at night differ only in several percent by the content of latest news). Thus, we are competitive in relation to regional daily press.

Readers of „Rzeczpospolita”

An average edition of the newspaper in 2003 was 250,000 copies a day. On the average, „Rzeczpospolita” is read by 600,000 Poles above 15. At least one edition of the newspaper a week is bought by 1.3 million persons. Over a half of the edition of „Rzeczpospolita” is subscribed. „Rzeczpospolita”, as the only daily in Poland, is published in the broadsheet format.

Readers of „Rzeczpospolita” are mainly managers and entrepreneurs of high income, but the daily is also highly appreciated by employees of public and self-government administration, lawyers, specialists, freelances. They constitute the economic and intellectual elite of Poland. „Rzeczpospolita” is read both by men and women in equal proportions. In the structure of its readers, persons from 25 to 45 prevail. This specific group of readers causes that „Rzeczpospolita” is a very interesting medium of advertisement and the best medium to plan campaigns for advertisers.

In „Rzeczpospolita” everyone will find something interesting and useful in his work, which causes that a single newspaper reaches several persons. Since 2000, the PRO research measuring the number of press readers in the group of senior and top management, prepared by SMG/KRC A Millward Brown Company has been showing that „Rzeczpospolita” is before „Gazeta Wyborcza”. An average edition of „Rzeczpospolita” is read by over 45 percent of managers, and at least one of its editions reaches to 60% of respondents. „Gazeta Wyborcza” is, on the average, read by 41% of respondents. Such a sequence in the ranking has not changed since 2000, and there is a long distance between „Rzeczpospolita” and „Gazeta Wyborcza” and other dailies. The number of managers reading „Rzeczpospolita” has been continuously increasing for three years.

Internet site: www.rzeczpospolita.pl

The web site of „Rzeczpospolita” is high appreciated. Www.rzeczpospolita.pl is systematically visited by persons from over 100 countries of the world. The first edition of „Rzeczpospolita On Line” was published on March 23, 1997. We were one of the pioneers of the Polish Internet. On the one hand, the beginnings were difficult. We did not have patterns and ready-made solutions. On the other hand, they were comfortable – there was no competition at all. Today, the situation is different: the time of great discoveries has finished, and the time of normal and difficult work has started. The Polish Internet comprises thousands of interesting sites and millions of users. And the very Internet has also got typical, it is no longer something new or temporary. In thousands of editions we, together with our Readers, have witnessed thousands of events.

Recently, the site has been enriched with browsers: on the main site to search for daily editions of the newspaper, and in the legal site to search for legal resources. We have launched a new tool allowing to browse the content of our archives, we have added an economic site, including but not limited to the latest economic and stock-exchange information, on-line quotations and information about companies. At present our site is visited by over ten million users a month.

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